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Welcome to lifeprint!

indexing how many people are killed producing things we use, so we can be less harmful

About this site

People often choose what companies or manufacturers to support based on social responsibility or ethics. When the public became more aware of environmental issues commercial organizations were forced to a degree to publish some measure of their environmental impact, such as certifying that timber is not from a rainforest etc.

One measure of environmental impact is the carbon footprint of a service or product.

Another measure is the water footprint of a product: the water used in manufacture of an item.

A more important measure is a product's death footprint index: the number of people killed in the manufacture of a product or provision of a service or other commodity

When choosing a globally available service or product, the customer could choose based on the death footprint or lifeprint index of a supplier. The lifeprint is the best choice based on least harm.

The name lifeprint is a positive aspect to the death footprint issue, and encourages the idea of being able to do something to change global manufacturing patterns and worker welfare.

If each entity (country, group, government, company etc) has its own page with its index rating other environmental or ethical data could be collated, but some way of searching within classifications based on index rating would be useful, so that the figure can be immediately be found and compared with that of other entities providing the same commodity or service...allowing the lowest deathprint to be found.

Featured Article

  • Hi...If anyone is interested in this project please contribute/join or whatever. As a piecemeal record of deaths caused by various companies, governments or other corporations any input is welcome...the information will need organising as it increases...

Much industry has been exported to developing countries where cheaper labour charges make for more profits...but working conditions aren't so good and more people get killed making the stuff we use. Lifeprint aims to index the increased rates of death between different products, so you can choose to buy from companies that kill less and care more. If you have any data please input it to this wiki!

Did you know...

  • ...that people get killed making stuff we throw away? Of course, so lets record the stats so it doesn't happen.


  • This wiki was started!